There are still many people who are confused when the right time for a car oil change. Some argue that oil must be replaced when the kilometer has touched the figure of 5 thousand or 10 thousand. Not infrequently also people say that oil must be replaced every 6 months. In the meantime, don’t forget to Check Prices at Roxy’s Prices!The time of oil change cannot be considered trivial! If the time has come and the replacement is delayed, the quality of the oil will continue to decline. The car engine will be affected so that it becomes damaged.

For those of you who have just bought the latest car, it will generally be advisable to change the oil when the odometer has shown a figure of 1,000 kilometers. Not only that but sometimes you will also be asked by an official workshop to re-change oil when it reaches 2,500 kilometers.

At that time, service fees will not be charged to the car owner. Because of this, they are generally still eager to go to the workshop. After the free period passes, it is not uncommon for car owners to start indifferent to the condition of their oil.