The first thing that can explain the difference between apartments and condominiums is their ownership status. Experts in property science suggest that once the apartment was a vertical building whose status could only be rented out so that residents who inhabited the apartment were not entitled to sell or rent it back to others without the knowledge of the owner or developer of the apartment. While condominiums are vertical buildings and consist of several floors, their functions are for sale. The occupant of the condo is also the owner of the condo unit he owns. The buyer has the right to resell his condo or rent it back. In the meantime, you might also need to see the recommended royalgreen floor plans as well.

Unfortunately, the market share is getting bigger, making ownership status between condominiums and apartments the same. That is because the apartment business is growing rapidly. Now the ownership status of the apartment can be owned by the buyer. Many apartments are sold for occupancy. Aside from that, perhaps you must check out the royalgreen floor plans.

The next difference can be seen in terms of the building. Although the same vertical buildings it turns out that apartments and condominiums have different building forms. For condominiums, the building is only equipped with two or three towers, while for buildings the apartment is lined with many towers. In addition, the condominium is equipped with complete facilities such as a large swimming pool, gym, and other luxury facilities. Indeed, the condominium is intended for residents. Apart from that, check out royalgreen floor plans as well.

Along with the development of people’s needs for apartments, apartments are equipped with luxurious facilities as well. Indeed, there are several apartments for the middle class that is built with many towers. Whereas premium apartments such as the Royal Mediterania Garden only consist of two towers such as condominium buildings. The tower is the Lavender Tower and Marygold Tower. The facilities are also very complete starting from a large swimming pool, underground parking, restaurants, mini markets and many more. On the other hand, the royalgreen floor plans is also recommended.