Washing a carpet can be one of the most exhausting activities that you may need to do. However, if your carpets aren’t being washed temporarily, it may feel unsanitary when you step or sit on it, all the while the stench and some diseases may make the condition of your house deteriorated. That’s why you obviously need to wash it regularly and don’t hesitate to call the recommended Carpet Cleaning North Shore to help you out.

However, before you reach the point when your carpet becomes so dirty for you to wash easily, you may also want to know the worst types of stains that you must avoid.

1. No eating or drinking near or on the carpets
Usually, flavored drinks are having certain colors, and some of those colors may be difficult to be cleaned when they’re dropped on your rugs. Aside from those beverages, some foods such as soups and cereals may be spilled when your family members are eating near or on the carpets. That’s why it’s recommended for you to advise them not to eat and drink near or on the carpets, especially if they don’t want to clean their mess on it afterward.

2. Avoid writing, drawing, or painting on the carpet
Sometimes we may be bored doing our activities in the same room over and over again, and thus, your husband or family may decide to sit or lay on the carpet when they’re doing their homework. Nevertheless, remind them to not make any kind of a mess when they do so, due to the stains from inks, crayons, and also paints may be very hard to be washed from your carpets easily.

3. Train your pets not to sit on the rugs
Usually, cats and dogs can be trained quite easily so you can be told them to stay clear of the carpets. However, expect the necessity to keep washing the rugs regularly to prevent the wastes and furs of your pets to be stuck on your favorite rugs. It’s because no matter how good you train them, the chance for them to be tempted to lay on your carpet can be quite high, due to it’s a very comfortable spot for cats and dogs.

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