The “capable” term is the thing people keep in mind when talking about Hajj. Are you seeking information about hajj and umrah because you have the idea of doing the worship experience in Mecca? Being physically capable means having a healthy and fit physical condition so that you can do a series of activities in the Hajj. While what is meant by financially capable is to pay the cost of hajj pilgrimage set by the Government. The cost of this pilgrimage usually changes in nominal terms. Changes in the nominal cost of the pilgrimage itself are due to changes in the hajj costs set by the government and also changes in the dollar exchange rate against the currency of your country.

As a rule in worship, Hajj also has rules. The rules in the implementation of the pilgrimage are called pillars of the Hajj. Pilgrimage pillars are a series of activities in the pilgrimage that must be carried out in the Hajj. All activities in the pillars of the pilgrimage must be carried out, and carried out sequentially. If there are activities that are not carried out, then the pilgrimage concerned is considered invalid and must repeat at another time.

When someone has registered for Hajj, the thing he really wants to know is the scheduled departure. Sometimes the departure schedule is not always informed, and sometimes changes. Therefore, as a prospective pilgrim, you need to know how to check the scheduled departure of the Hajj.

When registering, you will get proof of the initial deposit of BPIH. There are listed portion numbers for Hajj. If you have not received the portion number, then you must ask the travel bureau or the party that handles your hajj departure. The portion number itself is legitimate evidence that you are an officially registered congregation in the Ministry of Religion. This portion number is only given to the quota pilgrimage. Prospective non-quota pilgrims do not have portion numbers.

It seems that almost all Muslims agree: leaving Hajj is not just a matter of intention. Able to be unable, as much as possible, this one intention can be completed. Many are so willing, even though they have to spend large sums of money to go to the Holy Land. For those who are capable, of course, it’s easy. What about the ones who don’t? Saving becomes one of the keys. However, this method is often ineffective – because the number of funds must be prepared and issued at once.