Almost everyone has been sad. Whether it’s because of a conflict with a partner, the death of a family member, to something else that might be more trivial like getting a bad grade at school. Sad is a natural emotional response when you face difficult times. But this is where you have to start being careful. Continuous sadness and more and more can lead to depression. You can visit our website to get ayahuasca healing a native American church.

Everyone can experience depression, but the unique mental illness is more attacking women than men. What causes depression in women?

Depression is characterized by worsening moods, feelings, stamina, appetite, sleep patterns, and concentration levels of sufferers that last for at least six months or more.

Depression can greatly limit your function as a human being. Mood changes caused by depression are so intense that they cause despair, anxiety, and helplessness. In fact, depression can trigger an unwillingness to continue living.

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in society. However, the risk of women experiencing depression can be twice as high as men.

Anyone can get depressed. But in women, depression is more likely to be triggered by an event in life that makes it stressful. Studies have also found that hormonal changes are the reason women are prone to depression. In comparison, depression cases in men are generally more often affected by alcohol and drug abuse.

1. Genetic factors
A history of family depression increases the chances of depression, both in men and women. However, studies show that life stresses experienced tend to make women more vulnerable to stress that leads to depression than men. Certain genetic mutations associated with the development of major depression also only occur in women.

2. Puberty
Puberty is a time when a child experiences changes, both physically and psychologically. Regarding depression, the study found that before puberty, boys and girls both tended to experience depression. However, after the age of 14, women tend to be twice as susceptible to depression.