Many people who before watching the film will look carefully at the trailer given by the film. Becaus usually, the trailer contains pieces of scenes in important films. For me, the trailer really affects whether someone will watch a movie or not. You can see the trailer of the movie you want to watch on ShowBox.

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However, it turns out, making a movie trailer is not as easy as you might think. There are several ways to make movie trailers based on the genre of the film.

1. Action
You don’t have much time in character recognition. Try introducing characters with a dialogue piece that makes the character strong. Add snippets of action scenes that are the main attraction of your film and certainly make viewers think that the film is good to watch.

2. Comedy
Unlike the other trailers, in the comedy genre, you can enter several song pieces in one trailer. Choose songs that are fun or songs with beat music. In making comedy movie trailers, enter “best joke” and the funniest comedy scene in your film.