Need ideas to maximize space in a studio apartment? You are not alone. The trend of studio apartments for urban urban communities is indeed often the right solution for ideal housing. Although not always large, studio apartments can still be the most comfortable private palaces. You can visit Florence Residences to get the best place to live.

Maximize Space in an Apartment Studio with Decorative Display

Has drained and disposed of all useless objects but still has some knick-knacks left? Do not worry! Almost everything in a Florence Residences can have an attractive appearance as long as you know how to display it. Organize books based on colors and shapes, look for beautiful rattan baskets, or put carpets in the corner of studio apartments as a way to turn stacks of objects into a stylish visual decor. It is not impossible, old-school items such as old-fashioned cameras, vintage frames, and other memorabilia are the homiest accessories in studio apartments.

Maximize Room Lighting

Natural lighting is very effective to make the room feel more free and relaxed, so just maximize the natural light source in the Florence Residences. The use of display racks with open shelves to transparent room partitions can also be used to achieve maximum illumination in studio apartments.

Play in the Vertical Zone

Do not immediately throw things out of the Florence Residences, try to start thinking “vertical” or up. Look for storage systems and furniture that soars up even though they don’t have to be large in size. Besides being suitable for narrow studio apartments, you can also get the storage rack function easily.

You also have to be adept at placing home decorations that draw attention to the wall or ceiling. For example, eye-level wall displays or unique lights in the upper corner of a Florence Residences.