Screws are indeed used for various development activities or anything that functions as an adhesive. However, it could be a screw that is unused and piles up in one place where it will be dirty and cannot be used properly. For this reason, the existence of a Superior Ball Screw Repair will help you deal with screws that are dirty or even damaged.

Not only screws, but there are also bolts that you can use for various activities. Get to know some of these types of bolts and you will not be mistaken again to distinguish which bolts and screws.

1. Binder bolts
This type of screw is the most widely used type. Usually better known as a cap screw. This type of screw is widely used to combine and tighten both objects.

2. Stud Bolt
Bolt studs have no head and have a line of lines from each end. Stud bolt is applied in a number of industries to be paired with parts, industrial equipment, flanges, and machine tools. This type of bolt is available in various sizes and can be configured with the double end or tap end.

3. Round Head Bolt
This type of bolt is very commonly used with a round head. This round head bolt has a portion of the stem which is square shaped to hold the bolt, which can be used to tie the wooden floor from the body of the truck or to iron the bumper.

4. Partially Threaded Bolt
A small diameter full-strained screw equipped with a square or hexagon nut. The head can be round or “cheese head” and have a groove for a screwdriver. Partially Threaded Bolt is used to placing lightweight components or small brackets.

By knowing the various types of screws, you will be able to choose these screws easily and of course, there are no errors and errors when using them. This also makes it easy for you when choosing which screw you need and not at all.