Kitchen Appliances that are widely sold now has a variety of shapes, colors, and ingredients. Especially for materials, some are made of metal, ceramics, glass, and others. What are the differences and which ones should we choose? Are there ingredients that are safer than other ingredients?

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As a general guideline, choose cookware of quality material made of thick metal that can withstand a high temperature of the fire.

Thin metal materials can cause uneven heat, make the dish burn quickly to leave charcoal which ultimately makes the kitchen appliances unusable. But, don’t choose a pan that is too heavy, because later you are even bothered because it’s difficult to use.

The following is a record of the types of material or materials from equipment in the kitchen that we commonly use. Choose the one that suits your need to support the best results from your cuisine. Don’t forget to always read how to use it, maintain it properly and use the cooking device according to the designation.