It turns out that one that can cause the scalp to become dry is lack of nutrition. This is because when your body suffers from a lack of adequate nutrition and nutrition, then this will greatly affect the state of your skin. Not only affects the skin on your body, but it also affects your scalp. Nutrition and nutrition meant here is a condition of the body that lacks substances such as zinc, B vitamins, or fatty acids. So try to continue to pay attention to your nutritional intake. Meanwhile, visit when you need to find a great solution for dry scalps.

Skin disease

The thing that can cause dry scalp is health problems on the scalp. This apparently can also cause the condition of the scalp to become dry. Skin diseases that usually make the skin become dry are seborrheic eczema, ringworm, psoriasis, and several other diseases.


Eczema that arises on the scalp turns out to make your scalp become scaly and cause a very annoying itching. Eczema on the scalp is usually most often experienced by children or babies. The cause of this disease is still unknown. But it is strongly suspected that this disease is associated with an active response to the immune system to something that will cause irritation.

To overcome eczema problems on the scalp, you can treat it by using steroid creams and moisturizers that have been prescribed by a doctor. In addition, you should also avoid scratching or using hand-made soap.

Psoriasis scalp

If you have psoriasis scalp conditions, the scalp will usually become red and scaly. This will cause layers of skin to accumulate. This condition usually does not only occur on the scalp, but also can occur in the area behind the neck, behind the ears, and forehead. Some doctors believe that psoriasis scalp can be caused by a disruption in your immune system. So that it can cause the skin to grow too fast and accumulate. Psoriasis usually arises with itching, and wounds that are thick and will last long.

If you scratch your head excessively it can make hair fall out and infection. Your psoriasis scalp can be overcome by using creams, gels, shampoos, ointments, oils, and special soaps.