Every softball player has a position according to their respective abilities. In a team, some are good at throwing, hitting, and catching balls. One of the keys to the success of softball matches is the hitting ability combined with the best fastpitch softball bats. A bouncing and hard-to-catch ball will give the bat to go around the base until the end. Herein lies the importance of choosing a bat for a softball match.

To master how to hit in softball games, then there are some things that must be mastered namely grip technique, hand position and also the swing that we will review below:

– Grip
When gripping a bat or a punch, the player must press with the finger and not the palm. The lower hand which is the left hand will be the base of the right hand to control the bat and the upper part is used to support the bat. The right hand located at the top is just above the lower hand in a straight line. In addition, the wrist must relax and in some players often lift the index finger so that only a few fingers touch the bat.

– Hand position
For the position of the hand begins by approaching the body part about 3 to 4 inches at the front of the chest and between the shoulders. As for the lowered elbows and shoulders should be relaxed. Some softball players generally also make small movements back and forth to keep their hands and shoulders relaxed.

– Swing
The swing starts with the feet and hips while the hands and shoulders remain behind. The hitter will then hit the ball with rock back legs when the ball approaches the bat which is one of the softball equipment. Then the back knee will move in and the hip is turned. During the rotation, the position of the hip must remain parallel. The movement of the legs and also the hips is very important so that the head and eyes remain straight towards the ball thrower.