If you are a shirt entrepreneur, you must know what DTG shirt printer is. Although it looks perfect because it doesn’t have to do print manually, there are still pluses and DTG printers. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of t-shirt printers that you can know about. If you need embroidery, you can visit us.

As the name implies, DTG means direct to garment. The method works mean that the printer can directly print images or writing on t-shirts and of course the images produced are also high resolution. This means this printer can speed up the production process so that it can save time and costs. Here are other advantages of DTG printers.

– Good print results. You can compare this yourself to the t-shirt you bought. Print results can be even and sharp and have high resolution as mentioned above. Compare this with the results of manual screen printing, which may be printed when the color is printed on the shirt. In addition, the print results are smooth and permeable so they last longer. T-shirts can also be washed many times without worrying that the image will disappear or fade.

– No need to use transfer paper as in the hot press method. This transfer paper is actually a special paper used to print images that will be printed on the shirt. After the image is printed on the transfer paper, the image will be pressed on the shirt using a hot press. This method seems easy but the problem is the price of the transfer paper is quite expensive so the cost of the production process becomes expensive. In addition, t-shirt press machines are also quite expensive. You also have to pay more for the electricity needed by the shirt press machine. By using DTG printers, all these costs can certainly be saved.

– The plus of the next DTG printer is the plus, which can directly print shirts, especially on 100% cotton fabrics. The result will be very good when compared to manual screen printing.

– Because it saves money and time, shirt entrepreneurs can accept orders without limiting color design. The design can also be done at will because the DTG printer is operated by a computer. Computer programs such as Corel Draw, for example, can be used to facilitate the production process using DTG printers.