Marketing a new product is not an easy job. Plus, the product is not yet known by the public. Marketers must be able to make sales increase so that they can survive on the existing market. Therefore, marketers often think about how to market the right product to increase their sales. This is certainly a challenge for marketers. Do market research to find out how much the market opportunity for a product. If the results of the study show that the product does not have many competitors and many requests, then you need not to hesitate to market the new product. Promotional activities are quite important in introducing new products. Do promotional activities by paying attention to the price, product, place, and type of promotion itself by using location-based methods from geofencing to reach potential consumers from your area.

This is so that the promotion can run as expected. You can determine competitive prices, give discounts, or improve product quality to become your promotional strategy. Offer products to a new market for the people who need them. This is one way of marketing products that can be said to be effective in attracting consumers. Because, with the need, consumer purchasing power will increase. Maximum and extra service is very preferred by customers. If you provide services like that, it is not impossible if your sales will increase. Conversely, even poor service standards, consumers will quickly change their mind to leave your product.

A good seller is a seller who is able to recognize their customers. They understand what consumers want when consumers want it, and how to convey it. By knowing all these things and doing the right marketing strategy, it is possible that product sales will continue to increase. Today people often access social media from their personal cellphones. People have the habit of monitoring their social media timelines for a long time. You can use this as an opportunity to do marketing on social media.