The impact of stress because work has often been discussed by Iowaska, for example, health conditions are declining. However, a study conducted by Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business recently revealed new facts. Prolonged stress because work situations can cut life expectancy or speed up one’s death. The seven-year study found that people who have little (or no) control over their jobs tend to die faster than those who are more flexible at work. Other research by experts at Columbia University Medical Center also supports the findings of Yale University School of Medicine. In the six-year study, it was found that those who had heart problems and experienced severe stress were at risk through the ‘vulnerable period’.

This period according to Iowaska is a period where a person is prone to sudden death caused by stress and complications in the heart. Usually, this vulnerable period lasts about two and a half years. After going through this period, a study involving 5,000 participants concluded that the risk of premature death or sudden death will gradually decrease. There are two factors considered to reach this conclusion. The first factor is the magnitude of the demands of the work faced by the research participants, such as the number of jobs, the length of time worked, and the concentration needed. The second factor is control over their work. Control of work, for example, is the freedom to decide for yourself the most appropriate workflow or work schedule, freedom of opinion, and the opportunity to make your own decisions.

The results of the study were quite surprising. Those whose demands for work are very high and don’t have much control over their jobs show a mortality rate that is 15% faster than most people. Meanwhile, those who have complete control of their jobs have a life expectancy of 34% longer than those who have no control over their work. To avoid stress due to work, you must truly understand your own nature and habits. By recognizing your work habits, you will also be more adept at adjusting to the pressures and problems that arise.