Who doesn’t know Lamborghini? This car is much coveted by men. Driving with this car will automatically make the owner look very exclusive. However, the price that is too expensive makes many parties disappointed faster because they cannot have it. Driving a luxury car can be an exclusive sign for the owner. Seeing this phenomenon, now many luxury car rentals have sprung up in London. They use an online system, install car specifications and prices on the website and provide contacts that can be contacted. One of the most trusted luxury car rentals is www.luxuryprestigecarhire.com. They rent out various luxury car brands, including Lamborghini.

Behind luxury and modern features designed to support mobility, it turns out that Lamborghini has interesting facts that are rarely known by many, including:

– 1 unit of Lamborghini is done by 100 workers
Lamborghini is an expensive car that requires extra precision when assembling it, especially for engine components. to produce only one unit, this car is handled directly by 100 people. Even the Lamborghini Murcielago SV type is done directly by 130 workers. The number of workers is one of the factors that the price of the Lamborghini is very expensive.

– Lamborghini logo
The selection of the logo on the Lamborghini is actually not careless. The raging bull logo itself is taken from the zodiac of the founder of Lamborghini, Ferruccio Lamborghini which is a Taurus sign. The selection of the bull logo is also due to Ferrucio’s love of the Matador show which contains ferocious bull battles in the match area.

– Selling well in the automotive market
Every Lamborghini unit always sells well in the market. Why? Because Lamborghini has a fairly sophisticated technology, the number of units produced for each series is limited. Just imagine, the Lamborghini series Veneno can sell well in the automotive market at a very expensive price.

– Selling military vehicles
Apart from selling expensive cars, it turns out that Lamborghini also sold military vehicles of the Hummer class in 1977. The vehicle itself was specifically intended for military purposes in the United States. Unfortunately, accidents that occur make this type of car not produced again by Lamborghini until now.